Our clients are reputable companies; leaders in their own industry

We build a long-term relationship to continuously improve many aspect of our client business. We combine cutting-edge technology, process improvement, and qualified team to helped them reach their peak business performance.

Indonesia Stock Exchange

Starting from 2007, we have developed Centralized Trading Platform (CTP). CTP is a platform for managing obligation trading, includes trade reporting, confirmation, market-monitoring, and surveillance. User of this system are large banking, securities, IDX, and BAPEPAM. The first version launched on 2007, and continuosly enhanced until now. Currently, the system manage Rp. 10 Trillion trading volume per-day. We are using cutting-edge technology to deliver web application with real-time push capability, enterprise scale database management, on a rich-client architecture.


Developing satellite application in Citibank has been our continues project from 2007. We develop compliance and intermediary system between core system and other satellite application. Regulatory reporting such as LBU, LHBU, LKPBU, intermediary system with ISO 8583 specification, and other intermediary with core system are several of the system that we have built in Citibank. As we all know, regulatory and compliance reporting is one of the key component for banking to operate in one country. Inline with regulatory changes over the years, we also align our system to accomodate these changes and be comply with the new regulations.

Bank Danamon Indonesia

Providing professional services is one of our services to customer. In Bank Danamon, we have provided this service from 2005, up until now, for almost more than 7 years. Various positions have been fulfilled, from system analyst, developer, project manager, project admin, application support, etc. Our team have managed variety of application, system and projects across internal banking solution.

Indonesia Derivatives Clearing House

We have been selected by Indonesia Derivatives Clearing House to build and support their core clearing system. The system consists of various engine, from datafeed trading system, clearing engine, end of day reporting, clearing member interface and notification system. Various phase has been passed with ongoing support still continue. Various module from network module (TCP/IP), multi-thread reporting engine, database programming, webservice and hardware communication I/O are parts of the final result.

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