Application Development

We provide services to build application to suits your needs.

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Managed Services

We value your core business and we will support you for your IT solution.

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Professional Services

Let us fulfill your needs to provide professional and qualified person.

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Application Development

We provide services to build application to suits your needs

Every company, including your company, has your own uniqueness. In fact, that uniqueness might be your competitive advantage to win the market share. Information Technology is an important tools to support it.

Custom Application Development is our service to create an application, which is specifically designed for your needs. This approach deliver best result when no software product is close enough to be adopted. Creating a custom application ensure you to have a suitable function & user interface, interconnection to third party application, and specific report layout.

With experience for more than 10 years on building custom application in various industry, we help our customer to execute a proven method in this area.

Prior to the project, we work together with key-person from our customer to define: value of the application, success indicator, most suitable development method, feasible project plan, and then ensure qualified & comitted project team.

In Ecomindo, we believed that customer involvement plays a major impact to project quality and delivery. Key-user involvement will ensure resulted application to meet all functionality and expected ease of use. Involving Customer IT Departement will ensure resulted application to be aligned with company's IT master plan. Post production evaluation and support help both of us and our customer to measure sucess-level of the project. To optimize post production support, Ecomindo have a Support Department, which is separated from Development Department.

Development Platform

Ecomindo focus in development of .NET and Java technology

Microsoft .NET
Our .NET Team experienced developing .NET application since its still in Beta Version in early 2001. As Microsoft Partner, we deliver complete solutions of .NET applcation, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Share Point.

We helped our client to improve their productivity, some of the project are:

  • Helped  PT. Kliring Berjangka Indonesia to develop Core Derivative Clearing Engine to ensure accurate calculation, complete reporting, and provide executive information system.
  • Helped Citibank Indonesia to develop Central Regulatory Report (LBU, LHBU, LKPBU, LBBU) to ensure on-time Reporting
  • Helped Citigroup to execute technology upgrade by develop legacy VB 6 application to VB .NET in 2008 to 2009
  • Helped Ministry of Finance Republik Indonesia to develop Loan Payment Scheduling System, Loan Payment Control and Monitoring to improve organization credibility by ensure accurate and on-time loan payment.
  • Helped PT. Indosat, Tbk to develop revenue sharing calculation system for their Content Management Partners. 
  • Helped PT. Indika Energy, Tbk to develop Procurement and Invoice System that can be integrated with their existing ERP application.
  • Helped to Jasa Raharja to develop entire insure system from Sumbangan Wajib, Iuran Wajib, Pelayanan (claim management), to finance and executive information system.

We helped our client to create competitive advantage, some of the project are :

  • Helped Citigroup to develop Instant Approval Credit System to enable company provide approval in less than 20 minutes. This system interconnect to third party system, which are Debtor-Information-System and Indonesian Credit Card Association to provide automatic analysis as decision support system for credit-analyst.
  • Helped Ministry of Finance Republik Indonesia to develop Loan Portofolio Simulator. This is an application to help financial analyst forecast the most suitable loan portfolio by considering interest rate and exchange rate fluctuation using Monte-Carlo Simulation and Cost-at-Risk method.
  • Helped PT. Indika Energy to develop a customized Project Controlling System that is specifically designed to meet their project management method. The application handle from construction and completion phase, including piping, electric, civil work, and machinery management.

Our Java Team experienced in developing critical application from trading engine to telco billing system. As Oracle partner, we deliver complete solutions of Oracle Database, Application, and Middleware.

We helped our client to improve their productivity, some of the project are:

  • Helped Bursa Efek Indonesia to develop Core Reporting Engine for Obligation Trading. This application handle all traded corporate obligation, goverment bonds, and ORI in Indonesia for about 10 Trillion Rupiah / day.
  • Helped PT. Indosat, Tbk to develop reconciliation system for Matrix Billing System

Managed Services

We believe that each company has their own competency and they should focus to growth their uniqueness in this competitive world. eComindo will help and support you to achieve this by bringing managed services for your IT solution. By having us to manage your IT solution, you have more time to be more focus on your core business while having the best services for your IT solution.
Managed Service helped your organization to:
Our Services
We value your core business and we provide support of your existing IT solution. We manage key core system and supporting system in Indonesia Stock Exchange, Derivatives Clearing House and Indika Energy. We help you to free your mind and let you have more time to focus on your core business.

Professional services

Let us fulfill your needs to provide professional and qualified person

Dynamic and growing organization needs to have professional and qualified person as part of their team. Looking for qualified and experienced talent is not an easy thing. Professional services is a service to help our clients provide skilled professionals that have the specific competencies. By putting professionals in the team, you can reduce time-to learn and adopt best-practices faster, thus enable the entire team to work more efficiently and effectively. Professional services enable you to do better capacity management and risk mitigation.

Our professionals keep continue to sharpen their competency in specific area, learn various condition to enrich his point of view, and then use that experience to help clients to deliver excellence result. In order to ensure individual quality, we are focusing only on Project Manager, System Analyst, and Application Developer position.

Our Commitment

We understand that Professional services is about commitment. We support Professional services for Bank Danamon since 2003 until now, Citibank from 2006 until now, Commonwealth from 2009 until now. We try our best to become trustworthy partner for our clients.

Project Manager

Our project manager are highly skilled professional that possessed long experience in Information Technology. A project manager can be assigned as your representative to handle other third party vendor, managing internal project, or positioned as PMO staff to manage other project managers.

System Analyst

Our System Analyst are skilled professional which have major experience in system requirement, design, and quality assurance. Involving experienced analyst may help your organization to quickly adopt best-practice in the specified business domain.

Application Developer

Our Application Developer are skilled professional which have major experience in developing web based application and windows based application. Most of them already have many years of experience in specific development tools, technology, and platform. This experience can help you to cut learning time, while adopt best-practice in Software Development Methods.