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Value Driven IT Solution.

Information Technology is key factor for your business success. It determine your efficiency, capacity, and competitiveness. We establish long-term relationship with our client to define and execute the most suitable solution for their organization. With 15+ years experience in Application Development and IT Service Delivery, enable Ecomindo to execute best-practice method and delivering high quality result, on time.

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About Us

Our Services

Application Development

We provide services to build application to suits your needs.

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Managed Services

We value your core business and we will support you for your IT solution.

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Professional Services

Let us fulfill your needs to provide professional and qualified person.

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Our clients are reputable companies; leaders in their own industry

Our Credentials

Our clients are reputable companies. They are leaders in their own industry. We build a long-term relationship to continuously improve many aspect of our client business. We combine cutting-edge technology, process improvement, and qualified team to helped them reach their peak business performance.

Team &

We value passionate people who sets higher standard for themselves, willing to learn, and able to work in team. We are actively developing team member competency by setting a unique competency development plan for each person, provide training / certification, involve team in challenging projects, encourage knowledge sharing, and adopt competency based remuneration.

We value people with integrity, because Ecomindo always known as trustworthy partner in our clients. We maintain the equality of chances and relationship among team member. This way, we keep up good spirit, thus endorse supportive and friendly working environment.

Team & Environment


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Posted by Ahmad Firdaus
Secara umum, tugas pokok seorang System Analyst adalah mendefinisikan kebutuhan user, menyusun solusi yang efektif, dan mengawal masa transisi penggunaan sistem...
Posted by Ahmad Firdaus
A few days ago, my friend Hugo invited me to a Meetup in Doku’s office. We all very excited to learn more about scrum. We split into groups to focus on a specific topic. I took part as the facilitator for a group, which is focusing on “How to run scrum in software development service company”....
Posted by Ahmad Fajri
Column store index adalah salah satu jenis index SQL Server yang diperkenalan di SQL 2012, column store dapat mempercepat query datawarehouse dari 10 sampai dengan 100 kali lebih cepat...

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